Hello Beautiful Soul!

Intuitive Self-Exploration and Creative Soul-Expression are at the core of my classes, workshops and courses. I invite you to explore the magical world of intuitive art. As a certified SoulCollage® facilitator I also love sharing this powerful creative tool for personal growth with you. Thank you for being here!


  • You long to express yourself creatively and are intrigued by images & symbols

  • You are looking for offerings that combines creativity with a spiritual quest

  • You enjoy the process of discovery and care less about the "perfect end result"

  • You are excited about personal growth and self-discovery through intuitive art

  • you are curious to discover the deeper meaning in your intuitive artwork

  • You are interested in topics like working with archetypes, the tarot, journaling, guided visualizations

  • You wish to learn about the SoulCollage® process

Meet Heather

Heather is a mixed media collage artist, oracle and tarot deck creator and SoulCollage® facilitator from Germany. With her background in art therapy and her experience as a facilitator she uses her passion to empower women on their spiritual and creative journey through a variety of online resources. Her popular oracle and tarot decks serve as intuitive coaching tools for spiritual growth and personal transformation. Sharing her creative process is one of her favorite ways to connect with a global community.

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